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We are a forward-thinking online education group working across on early years up to life long education and training. We transform lives through learning and training with flexibility

We aims for far-reaching, progressive change and impact through learning and training. We work with you as individuals, helping you make the choice of life and career pathway betterment or course that’s right for you and your ambitions.

We recognise every learner has a different story; people having had different experiences. We want to capitalise on these and help you to GROW! By building blocks of effective relationships and innovative progress with international recognitions.
TEA’s approach is to work with you to understand how your experiences have shaped your approach to learning and training as we know that how you feel about learning is just as important as what you learn.


We will combine our expertise in delivering technical, vocational and academic education, with our high level of industry engagement and connections to some of the best-known —not just in our region, but in the world—to provide you with a complete educational experience where you feel supported and confident in your abilities and inspired by the opportunities available to you.

We Believe, Education Is A Journey Not A Destiny


We encourage positive risk-taking alongside creative problem-solving. This boosts your leadership skills and resourcefulness. Be your own leader


We teach you how to adapt to changing situations and persevere to reach your goals, giving you the best chance to thrive and succeed. GROW through life long education


We build your confidence and prepare you for the life challenges be it workplace, society or home. You’ll present your real self to life: a motivated, proactive and inquisitive individual


We help you to develop a reflective attitude towards yourself. That way, you’ll always play to your strengths and be able to work on your weaknesses
Certified Consultant

Certified Consultant

Certified Consultant focuses on building your leadership and advisory roles in the specified industry. The certification recognizes your contribution to the industry based on area....

Certified Specialist

Certified Specialist

Certified Specialist focuses on recognizing you as the Industry expert of your specified field. This certification highlights your competency in the specialized area of focus....

Certified Professional

Certified Professional

Certified Professional is a Launchpad for a strong career placement/promotion. This certification recognizes knowledge, best practices and as practitioner of the area in focus.

Professional MBA

Professional MBA

Accelerate your advancement with an Executive MBA from our collaborated partners and London College of Higher Education. Designed for busy, experienced professionals committed to cultivating....

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management

This Program aims to train men and women to be knowledgeable and professional in the operation and management of hotels, and in hotel positions. Hotel....

Diploma In Tourism Management

Diploma In Tourism Management

This program is designed to create professionals trained in Tourism and Travel Organisation and Management. The tourism industry and its earnings are very important to....

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